Friday, September 10, 2010

Anheuser Busch & the Billion Dollar Question

By Arianna Capital

Back in the 80’s Anheuser-Busch had billions of dollars in their pension plan. With their seemingly limitless resources, Augustus Busch III and his investment committee decided to hire the best stock pickers and market timers on the planet. Three to five years later they found that these active managers had failed to beat their respective benchmarks – they had no investment skill; they couldn’t add value. Appalled, Augustus Busch III and the committee reversed their earlier decision and fired all the managers deciding to instead buy the simple benchmark, better known as index funds. Now, if Augustus Busch III had received our unique offer perhaps he would not have found himself in such a quandary.

Our Complimentary Financial Review

Because of our commitment and passion to help people become smarter and better informed investors, we have decided to offer complimentary financial reviews for portfolios of $300,000 dollars or more regardless of whether you choose to work with us or not.

We know that education, understanding, and discipline are key components of a successful investment experience. Also, we understand that recent times have been challenging for investors and that some have gotten off track by making emotional decisions due to stress and uncertainty. We look forward to helping you improve your investment portfolio and make educated decisions in the future.

About Arianna Capital Management

We strive to build a lasting relationship with you —to understand your needs and empower you to accomplish your life goals. We believe this strong relationship is the key to aligning your wealth with your values and providing the financial solutions you need to realize your vision. By utilizing the science of markets and strong academic ties to the likes of the University of Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, MIT, University of Chicago, Nobel Laureates, and our experienced team we are able to add value to your financial health.

That is the Arianna solution – a solution that offers a level of personal service and investment solution unmatched in the industry.

Scott Wisniewski and Ramin Baranpourian are the Co-Founders of Arianna Capital Management. We benefit from the experience and knowledge of a team of 4 Certified Financial Planners, 1 Chartered Life Underwriter, 2 Masters in Business Administration, and 3 Juris Doctors. Cross-generational families, successful business owners, executives, lawyers, and doctors, both young and old in various stages of life have entrusted our team with their wealth management. More than 400 families with over $500 million in assets are benefiting from our team’s highly personalized process of managing wealth to help achieve our client’s unique life goals.

We ask people three questions:

Do you know your returns, your fees, and allocation (risk)?

Most likely, the answer is no.

The average person knows next to nothing about their financial portfolio. It’s not just the average person. Take a Harvard graduate in the Finance department at Exxon Mobil—they don’t know either. We know this because we have asked them. What does that tell us? There is a problem with transparency and simplicity in the financial industry. Investment managers hesitate to provide complete information to their clients. The industry confuses people. Many investment managers claim they know when the market will rise and fall or which stocks to pick. In fact, powerful academic evidence suggests that picking stocks or timing markets is next to impossible and will actually leave you worse off. Unfortunately the average investor is unaware of this compelling research that has existed for several decades, and their investment experience shows it.

Many of these same investment managers have high costs, high taxes, low performing funds, and take unnecessary risk. So, what is it that keeps clients around? We believe the answer is the current perception built on trust, lack of financial knowledge in the school system, pumped up media reporting, and past experiences with their current managers.

Furthermore, our society is not proficient at proactively identifying and fixing problems as we have noticed with diminishing fossil fuels and growing health care costs. As this relates to portfolios, we have seen people shy away from a complimentary analysis simply because they are afraid of leaving their comfort zone to take a look at their financial health. Conversely, we have seen people take advantage of this analysis to rid themselves of cancerous spots in their portfolios and heal themselves financially in order to accomplish their life goals.

So, get proactive and confident— let us take a look at your financial health.

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